I have been taking my car to Decker’s Automotive for the past 10 years. My experience has been that they are very honest, they don’t overcharge and they do good work. They never try to sell you anything that you don’t absolutely need and their labour rates are reasonable. In the ten years that I have been taking my car to Decker’s Automotive there have not been any issues with the service.

 “They were polite, fast, super friendly,   accommodating and affordable!

 I brought my car here with a problem I absolutely could   not fix on my own and it could not drive safely without   being fixed! I have 2 jobs and a VERY tight schedule   and "I need it fixed yesterday" is the tern of phrase I'll   use with this issue!
 I dropped off my car, got a quote and hoped for the   best while I made plans to borrow someone else's car..   not 2hrs after dropping off my car I got a call that they   had not only received the part for my car but had been   able to replace it and my car was ready for pick up!   They were polite, fast, super friendly, accommodating   and affordable! Competitive pricing to say the least.
 I will never consider taking my car anywhere else,   these guys are fantastic! :D
 Thanks again Decker!

— K.S. New Westminster, B.C.

Decker's keeps doing a great job servicing my car so I keep returning.”

A friend of mine, who is in the repair business himself, referred me to Decker's a few years ago. Decker's keeps doing a great job servicing my car so I keep returning. They do a great job on my oil changes, they are quick and inexpensive. My car is always vacuumed when I get it back, which is a nice touch. Another bonus is they are friendly and informative, happy to explain any issues with your car.

— Mathew S. Burnaby, B.C.


You will not be disappointed.  Go here.  Do it.

 Wow, where to begin?  These guys are amazing!  I'd been having some electrical issues with my car for quite some   time (head and signal lights and wipers not working) and my basic checks on fuses and bulbs all seemed fine.  I took   to Yelp to try and find a mechanic that knew what they were doing with electrical work and after reading the reviews   I thought I'd definitely give it a try!
 (As an aside, when it comes to reviews for mechanics, there's a lot of people who expect miracles for free and write   angry reviews when they don't get them.  So for a shop to have almost perfect reviews like this, it says a lot!)
 Anyways, back to the story, I phoned up for an appointment and they were very accommodating in working around   my schedule as I need the car every morning.  They set me up for the next day actually.  So far so good, seems like   it's going well.  So when I went in the next day, they BLEW me out of the water with great customer service.  Both   Wayne and Mikel were extremely helpful, too the time to listen to me as I described the problem and asked really   good questions.  No taking the car and guessing, they made sure they knew exactly what was going on before going   to work.  I short order, they had the whole thing fixed in 3-4 hours, as good as new!  They brought me a couple of   updates as they worked which was really nice and afterwards Mikel walked me through the repairs that they'd done   and made sure that I understood.  (short story: some bad grounds and bad previous repairs done by someone else   caused some shorts that melted a bunch of wires)
 And finally, if you're wondering if they're expensive?  Definitely not.  It was an incredibly fair price and worth every   single penny.
 Then here is where they really stood out.  I had gone home and realized that my insurance decals weren't with my   papers.  I thought I might have dropped it in the store somewhere accidentally, so I called back and asked if they'd   seen it.  Wayne actually specifically set apart some time the next morning to look for it.  Unfortunately it wasn't' there,   so it must have fallen out somewhere else, but seriously, what a great experience!  It was above and beyond the call   of duty and I'll be taking any future repairs to my car to them for sure.  
 You will not be disappointed.  Go here.  Do it.

— Robert D. North Vancouver, B.C.